Saturday, 31 December 2005

And therein lies a tale.

To be blank inside
With the remnants of promises made
Dreams woven
Lingering uncomfortable shadows
Tugging persistently
Like ghosts that wont let go
Reminding, painfully painfully
Of a world that had meaning
A life that had faith
Smothered by thought
Textures so subtle and fascinating
Flattened by knowledge
The magnificence of the universe
The insignificance of man
The arbitrary nature of decisions
The vagaries of fate
Textures erased by the flamboyance of creation.
Leaving serene emptiness
A long life to be led
Sleepwalker in a marathon
Saddled with baggage
Cheered by friends
Called ever forward by spirits
One more step one more step
One more step
And therein lies a tale.


Anonymous said...


DonWanObeKanobe said...

"A life that had faith
Smothered by thought"

I agree. Happy new year.

charvak said...

"Textures erased by the flamboyance of creation" ...........
very original indeed. your poetry is sublime, now in grasp,now free and gives a sense of swirling smoke dissolving in the heart. Just pour your heart out whenever the ideas start knocking the doors of your conscious... from inside.

Anonymous said...

Really, you don't have to take the trouble of posting something new. Or at least think about it...

The way you come up with stuff is simply too many words. A couple of more and i am pretty sure we would have the Oxford dictionary stuffed down our throats.

Juhi said...

Reads nicely, but...huh?

What does this all mean? No point if it is sufficient unto the poet, right?

Anonymous said...

Taken to verbally assaulting people with your crap?

Or is it just constipation?

The things that you do to wanting desperately to be different make you just the same.

Anonymous said...

And thus a blog is laid to rest?

Anonymous said...

Shifted elsewhere? :(

Ashwini said...

sleepwalker in a marathon... love how that sounds.

Ashwini said...

'sleepwalker in a marathon' Love how that sounds!