Monday, 12 December 2005

I wait

for Silence and Solitude to fill the emptiness that curled up and settled inside me so long ago

the emptiness that has no business being here

the emptiness that causes reasons and feelings to implode and explode alternately

the emptiness that makes words lose meaning and conversations hollow

the emptiness that leads to doubt fear and defeat

She speaks in a soft cajoling sympathetic voice

She spouts the velvety philosophy of decay in lilting perfumed double edged words

She carefully nurtures all that is vile and base within us

She's the devil's favourite whore my friends, and far more dangerous !
Crush her !

crush her i say

Emptiness and the devil

I'll tear her out if I've to cut myself open to do it

they shall not prevail that venomous pair emptiness and the devil

they shall not prevail

It has been a losing battle most of the way comrades and now I rest awhile

And while I rest, I wait for Silence and Solitude


Anonymous said...

That doesn't even remotely make any sense...your point is???

Psmith said...

lol.....never mind.

Juhi said...

Hmmm...didn't get the point. This is my first time on your blog. WHat I love is your id...Psmith is my all-time favourite Wodehouse character

Anonymous said...

is this some kind of way to impress women and all???

i mean if it is then, ill start trying too....

who knows what will happen