Friday, 7 November 2008

The Cats Eye Nebula

wondering where the passions went
As I ponder the times I spent
Dreaming of whales, planets and you
Walking along beaches,
Thinking things through.

I'm puzzled by my lack of will
To find the path I remember still
Winding through strength, beauty and you
Clambering over mountains,
Not only for the view.

I'm trying to recall the people Ive met
Who helped me build the goals I set
Thinking of glory, eternity and you
Blundering through the darkness,
Trying something new.

I'm marveling over what I meant
When I showed myself how far I went
To touch electrons, light and you
Staring at the stars,
Looking for a clue.

-Yours Truly


Chandni said...

Interestingly, I did not know you blogged! Enjoyed reading through it :)

Psmith said...

Well, thank you, and Im glad you dropped by :)

cry freedom said...

real good.. :)

Random traveler said...

Nice link to the "Star"
Though we see them everyday, the perception is quite amazing. I see that, that sunken spirit, that tired and shaken mind. We are all holding dude..

Good one! :)

Shoesmith said...


Anonymous said...

i like i like!

you really have a gift for writing beautifully, esp poetry.

Ashwini Menon said...

:) brought a smile to my face....