Thursday, 23 April 2009

By Request, A real conversation and (Indian) Geeks

What follows is a real conversation the likes of which I have had many times, with various friends, in various flavours, and it never ceases to delight me :)

All you socially successful, girlfriend toting, well dressed, well adjusted soon to be rich non and ex techies out there ! You might think you have it all, but you cant match our innocent Wodehousian humor and good natured angst :)

anyway, here goes ! :)

me: why cliff ? taken up rock climbing ?
Comet: no..i want to jump off one
me: why ?
Comet: i screwed up the one chance i got after
(i cant even remember how long)
me: chance at what ?
Comet: a girl (with a tattoo on her arm) walks up to me
and chats me up...
me: WHAT :)
how ?
where ?
Comet: and all i ask her in the end is "are u on facebook"
and she says 'no'
which i take as 'I'm not interested'
and buzz off
but it turns out, she really isn't on facebook
can u believe that
me: ohho
so big deal
talk to her again na
Comet: i need to get out into the real world beyond the Internet
me: :)
but who is she ?
where did you meet her ?
Comet: we had a family/friends get-together and
she was the cousin of a friend..

me: vah :)
so you can easily meet her again na
Comet: i suck i cant even focus on work...
i have no contact of her, unless i ask her cousin..
who will understand I'm hitting on her
me: oh gawd
we are all from the big bang theory man.
we're all from inside the sitcom.
easily we will fit in.
Comet: haha..yeah...
me: what deep and profound problems we have !
what lives and what conversations :)
Comet: i hope i get over her quickly
me: oh god...Im laughing and everyone
in office is looking at me :)
Comet: :D
me too but nobody's looking..most have gone home
to the real world
me: we have to get over girls simply
because they spoke to us :)

Comet: what else are they supposed to do to express interest?
me: Ive got to meet all of you again quickly da..
before you get gfs and wives and settle down
and the magic is gone....
no got me wrong.
we're not supposed to be so desperate
that we have to "get over" a simple
expression of interest :)
Comet: haha..yeah, but my CV on these matters does not
afford me that luxury
I'm desperate by design of nature
me: :D what does that even mean !
Comet: how the f**k can i hold a conversation with
a arts graduate (she was one)
i think I'll sign off gtalk, and bury myself
in work now.
work is worship .. work is worship
me: oh god :)
and I know what you mean.
I cant talk to them myself..mostly,
they talk rubbish :P

"..Yes I am a Nerd, and when the ancestors of the right honourable gentleman were hoodwinking people with preposterous pomposities in the temples of tomfoolery, mine were erecting the pillars of rationality and empiricism upon which our civilization stands....."
-Something I might have said in the Union Debating Society of St Andrews, but dint.

And please, my friends, No Names in the Comments please !


Anonymous said...

haha, that was hilarious. Good imagination! Reminds me of my single days before I became a millionaire. Of course, I then went on to marry a super-model and became bankrupt. But anyways, keep up the imaginative posts.

Anonymous said...

Funny as hell. But u know what, fewer and fewer people read Wodehouse these days. It's a tragedy because he is brilliant.

Prajeesh said...

I laughed out loud in office :)
"I'm desperate by design of nature" is just brilliant.
I dont agree on arts graduates talking rubbish. many of them are sensible.

Psmith said...

I dont think arts graduates talk rubbish either :)

many are sensible, and many are extremely nice !

comet said...

I second that...honest to goodness :)

Juhi said...

Haha...but I think guys...or perhaps geeks, since most of the guys i know are geeks...just lack the balls to approach women. It's amazing how they miserably mope around a girl who perhaps likes them back until she gets fed-up and starts dating someone else. Seen it happen time and again!

Juhi said...

This also brings to mind this gem from PHD comics...where the guys are telling one of the female students that her odds of dating are better than theirs.

"Yeah," she says, "the odds are good. But the goods are odd!"

:D :P

Psmith said...


yes...the goods are odd !! :)

a tad unkind that statement may be..but its true to some degree at least.

Ashwini Menon said...

Again...brave of u put all those thoughts out there... uhmmmm i think i ve been through some of the mental turmoil...and am not a geek or a guy...i just wear my heart on my sleeve ...and over the years ... have come to terms with it. I want to fall hopelessly in love... that can only happen if you re ok with falling on ure face!
Honestly though...felt good that men go through the same shit! :p