Monday, 16 November 2009

Gabhricha Paus

Gabhricha Paus is a brilliant marathi movie starring the lovely and talented Sonali Kulkarni and the equally talented Girish Kulkarni, it deals with the issue of farmer suicides in Vidarbha in a remarkably soft manner devoid of bitterness. It does not skirt hard issues and the story is almost reminiscent of Dostoevsky in the way it crushes hope again and again. There are no happy endings, but the movie is not devoid of happiness.

Unlike Aakrosh which portrays the dark and desperate suffering of the advasis, Gabhricha Paus has well rounded characters (Im saying the Adivasi characters in Aakrosh are a little unidimentional, but the effect created is brilliant and legendary, so no complaints). It takes us into their lives, in their language (most urban marathi speakers will be glad for the subtitles quite often) and compells us to share in their fortunes and misfortunes. One cant help but be glad at Sonali's charming half smile when her husband likes her puranpoli (a special sweet dish) after being upset at the expense and we are anxious and worried when Girish (Kisna in the film) stares at the sky standing in his barren field while the song in the background implores mother earth to let the rain pour forth..

The movie does justice to the barren yet strangely beautiful landscapes of the area it is set and shot in and the soundtrack is true to the mood of the film. The songs resonate and are filled with meaning and the acting is quite exceptional. There are several nice touches I will not talk about so that you may have the pleasure of discovering them yourself.

All in all, very highly recommended. Some knowledge of Marathi will help of course, but the subtitles are not bad at all and if you can read English, this movie is a very rewarding watch.



Juhi said...

Sounds very good. Will try and watch!

Anonymous said...

will look forward to it