Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Very Random poem written 26-04-2010


I stare at the ceiling
Lying in my bed
Afraid of the Voices
Shouting in my head.

Afraid of the silence
Playing videos all night
Alone in the darkness
Afraid of the light.

I listen to lectures
Ignoring whats said
To drown in that noise
The voices in my head.

I talk constantly
I have much to hide
Echoing loudly
the emptiness inside.

I use my words
To hide from my friends
Its standard practice
For one who pretends.

I know what to do
but I don't even try
Leaving my soul
To suffocate and die.

I make no effort
I dabble and pretend
Paralyzed and waiting
For this nightmare to end.

The day is not far
when Ill resort to lies
Extinguishing finally
The spark in my eyes.

I listen all night
I talk all day
I speak the most
when I've nothing to say.

-Yours Truly


Sawanda said...

Killer !

niv said...

love the last line.... :) you should look into one or two typos though... alone in the darkness and its standard practice...may be

Psmith said...

Thanks :-)

and thanks Niv.... I made the changes :-)

Juhi said...

Really like the poem - good poem and the rhyme and rhythm seem effortless and not at all contrived.

Seems as if you wrote it in a dark frame of mind, though.

Chandni said...

You know what amazes me about people? That though we feel we are so alone in our uniqueness, we are all pretty much the same. Similar fears, the same confusion. I really liked this poem. Simple words are always the best. The last lines were, as I think they ought to be, the best :)

T. Mukherjee said...

Please comment:


Noel Jerry said...

Sounds to me that you need to get out of the house more and relax. I really like your postings, but phew - they can be a mind bender. Why not join a website like DateCover.com or something free like that. Chillax my smart friend.

Ashwini Menon said...

:) I like.

heart acher said...

love it