Thursday, 28 June 2007

Write again

I wrote something on another blog not so recently, and this is the link.....

I'll dump "lit" stuff here, and write more of a personal diary sort of thing there. Lets see, I have not written in such a long time, I no longer know if I can. I find it impossible to write without some target audience in mind, and the person who was always the audience in my head, who always (inside my head) judged my writing, a person with impeccable taste who possessed the beautiful economy and elegance of expression I yearned for, that person has overgrown blogs and writing of this sort. I dont think anything I write, however good, will make any impact on the lady (for I must confess that the person is a Lady) in question. Writing well is just not an accomplishment that has any value in the world we inhabit now. In college, second year, it seemed terribly important to be articulate and be noticed for it, now its just irrelevant. Achievements are larger now, and are metered in Rupees (and present value of future cashflow is taken into account too). No longer is a tightly constructed, evocative description enough to impress anyone. Nothing short of a successful published book will draw any but the mildest response. And anyone who reads the painfully garbled, neverending and boring sentences of some of the posts preceding this will know that I will never (without strenuous practice and study) attain the grace and lucidity that a good author must possess.

The early posts on this blog, the first 7-8, showed some promise, I still think one or two of them to be good and enjoy reading them again. After that the writing became labored and contrived. It lacked flow and direction and cohesion. It lacked purpose. I only write well when I write for her, and not always then, but I'll try and write anyway because it is something I enjoy doing, and who knows, perhaps - after many days and hours of editing and rewriting - I might be able to produce something that would once again entertain her, give her something to smile about, perhaps a nice way to pass the time or take a break. Maybe I'll grow to write well enough to write to her again someday, and in that hope, I'll write again.


Priyanka said...

Write for yourself, not an imagined (or real) audience. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes. Also, yes, good writing is discipline and practice (lots of it!). So, keep at it, and you'll find your art has improved.

Psmith said...

Hmm...that makes sense, but its nice to have a standard to judge by. and someone to write to, especially at times when what is written is familiar to oneself and hence unappreciated and mundane. Writing to someone helps me look at things from a different perspective, helps me understand, "what would she have thought ?" is a question that yeilds many interesting answers that might otherwise have never come up...somewhat analogous to the fact that explaining things to someone makes me understand them better.

It just so happens that the mental companion/audience I have chosen is a very charming and intelligent lady I know :D

I dont know how it is with other people, but even I talk to myself, I almost never talk to myself, I am generally in conversation with some imaginary company which might be anything from Rommel, Caesar, Sachin to the pretty girl I remember from school. Does that mean I always need an audience ? I dunno, but I make some rather clever speeches and remarks and come up with some jolly clever fundae during the course of these daydreams :D

All of which I promptly forget of course.