Friday, 17 October 2008

To hell with News !

Because this is the sort of news that is dished out even by the BBC - the best of a sickeningly bad lot. What have we come to ? is this really the sort of thing that the public care about or want to read ? Why does making money have to mean that only the most stupid crass, gross and sickening things get printed ? Im through with this. Im done with mass media and conventional ideas of culture and entertainment. It makes me angry and sad. how did things come to this ? bombs, death, fun, murder, sex, lust, consumption consumption and god. I hate the whole lot.


you prat ! said...
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you prat ! said...

I suspect 'news' has more to do objectivity than subjectivity. It is kind of required that you publish all that has potential to be 'worth knowing'. This piece of news is grave, because of the murder, which is fairly important to report. But, seemingly vacuous because murder was committed over trifles. I think it is okay for this news to get published because it exposes the psychology/behaviour of human beings. Such people too live in our world. Besides the net has the advantage of not having a limit on amount of content.

Actually, you know, different kinds of news sources cater to different consumers. The buyability dictates the content. We'll just have to parse in the news we want, I guess. Just like when we search for something on the web.