Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I will not Bend

"..they dint just kill some of us, they asked us a question. "Hum tumhein aise hi marte rahenge, tum kya kar loge ?" YES, they asked us a question...."

- A Wednesday

I am not in the country at the moment, but if you know anyone who is doing something, please put it up !

Im following this on tv and Internet. all I can say is, Mumbai is my home in many senses, and I will not bend. When next I am there, I will not hesitate to visit all these places where I have spent so many happy times since I was a baby. I will not let them scare me or introduce doubt in my mind.

I will not bend.


cry freedom said...

they did ask us a question. and cowering was the answer they got.

Random traveler said...

The head is held high my friend..

One day, all this will end..

Anonymous said...

v cant complain when we can be out there doing something. kindly put it up on the blog if anyone's taking action, trying to, or know anyone that is.

m.k.gandhi was not a myth. can v stop being selfish, for the sake of our souls?

Psmith said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

do check out an initiative by dr.kiran bedi. an attempt from within the system to get around the flaws of the indian police system. admirable, effective.