Monday, 5 January 2009

Where I have been

1> Watching UFOs :) no kidding.

2> Visiting family :) lovely lovely break that was ! Thank you so much ?&4U:). I don't think anyone will decipher that :)

3> Exploring my new iPod touch and marvelling at the amazingess of it. I absolutely adoooore it. I want to write code for it ! 'nuff said.

4> Dreaming of traveling. The wilds of Scotland in June, and then later in the year, India ! Ladakh and the north east perhaps. the islands maybe, perhaps some really random place finances permitting.

I wrote that on my iPod touch sitting in my favourite coffee shop which has finally reopened post the holidays. Each of the above deserve nice long posts themselves and I did document the ufo sighting quite well, so maybe I'll write it up sometime. And I'll definitely be writing more about my itouch in the coming days. There is so much I can think of doing with it ! First and foremost, I want to get a gps of some inexpensive variety attached to it and accessible reliably enough to venture out with. But these are subjects for another post, perhaps even a different blog :)


kiki said...

omg! one more? 4rth one?

Psmith said...

well....only 2 are visible on my profile ! and one of the two hidden ones has only one there has only ever been one blog at a time, two over all.

and this new one is not to be a mixed blog like the rest, where I randomly write whatever comes to mind...its to be a specific blog, concentrating on a particular subject. my new iPod Touch and related activities :)

Verbal Sot said...

Looks like you've been having a good time...the iPod touch seems to be sensually pleasurable :)

Btw, you should reply to comments. It's good manners. Besides, it creates conversation.

Psmith said...

the iPod touch is super !

and you're right, I apologize for leaving comments unanswered.....I dont seem to be visiting my blog too much !

but I will from now on, thanks for the pointer :)

Rahul Saha said...

Hey there, I'm looking to hit the Scottish highlands this summer as well (and bizzarely, Ladakh has been on my mind also- although thats a cycling trip). Give me a shout if you want some company.

Juhi said...

Oh, I am now posting at my other url

Decided I really didn't want to leave my past behind :)

Have even somehow pasted in all my xanga posts, and have once against become a Follower!

So return the compliment soon...again!

Psmith said...

@ Juhi : lol...I gathered from facebook, Ill be on it in a minute :)

@ Rahul : absolutely man, more the merrier (in a small group) :)

Rahul Saha said...

Hey there, thanks for the message on my blog. I'm going walking/wild camping weekend in the Lake District with a couple of people in mid-march. Sort of an appetiser for Scotland. You're welcome to join us. My email address is Drop me a line if you're interested and we can talk.