Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cheer up Fed, Cheer up.


It was heartrending to watch Federer break down after his defeat in the Australian Open final after what turned out to be a tame and sloppy final set by him. It was really too much to watch.

But Victory, when it comes, will be sweeter for all this.


Random traveler said...

Its a pity. True pity to have witnessed this. :(

Psmith said...

yes :(

Juhi said...

Though I am not really into tennis, I admit that Fed and Nadal are the sort of sportsmen who can set fire to the collective imagination. Their clashes have almost the poetic quality of a duel.

Read your previous post with interest, however I don't feel knowledgeable enough to comment :)

Vangmayi Parakala said...
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Crowscious said...

Psmith.. I'm a HUGE Wodehouse fan and I love all the characters. Have you read of the Billy Bunter books? Federer rocks. Cheers :)

Psmith said...

@Vangmayi - I have been repeatedly surprised and hurt by the number of people who are anti federer especially since the end of that match. But then again, its all a matter of opinion and many people do like him. It would not be fun any other way !

@Crowscious - I love Wodehouse too ! and Psmith is my favorite, I spent half my childhood trying to be like him :) and I havent read the billy bunter books, will see if I can find some, never heard of them before this !

and yes, Federer rocks !

Psmith said...

@Juhi - yes..we're lucky to see them both at their prime at the same time !
and you dont have to be informed to comment, by that logic, no one could comment on anything !